Saturday, February 26

My Own Personal Dictionary: Z

zero:  the number of times I have:

~ had a beer;
~ played a video game or watched a movie on my phone or computer;
~ eaten Chipotle;*
~ gotten a speeding ticket;
~ read a vampire novel;
~ seen the latest Harry Potter movie;*
~ enjoyed baby-sitting;
~ been tan;*
~ had a flu shot;
~ had a massage;
~ found staff meetings interesting;
~ celebrated Arbor Day;*
~ watched kittens being born;*
~ made really good fried rice at home;*
~ volunteered my crime solving skills to the police or FBI;*
~ successfully trimmed my own hair;*
~ written 'a lot' as one word;
~ understood those Cialis commercials where people are sitting outside in bathtubs;
~ lied about where I am from (hee-hee, Queenie, this one's for you)!

*but want to


  1. One who takes Cialis ends up:
    * sitting outside in bathtubs
    They are in the bathtubs, after their 36 hour sexual experience. She in a warm bath to sooth her muscles and he in ice water, trying to stop his erection, before calling 911.
    * best_cialis_commercial_ever_very_funny/

  2. Eileen -- I had to pause to catch my breath, this made me laugh so much!!

  3. FASCINATING wrap-up!! Also, Under-dunders? I'm going to say that to my "Tweens" and see what kind of face they give me.

  4. Jody, she used to call large breasts "bazongas." So I suggest working bazongas and under-dunders into the same sentence with your tweens and then recording their reaction for posterity!

  5. Good for you for having never read a vampire novel. May that be a record you maintain. I loved your alphabet, Erin...if I ever get through midterm grading and am able to get back to blogging, I may do one of my own!

  6. I long for one from you, Rosemary!