Wednesday, February 23

My Own Personal Dictionary: K-O

Kate Middleton: Best wishes to the bride-to-be, and, yes, I cannot wait to see what her dress looks like. (I, by the way, gave up my desire to become a princess when I realized they no longer wore those pointy hats with scarves dangling from the tops.)

lima beans: the topic of the novel being written by a woman I met at a party. It's not a metaphor. Her book is about lima beans. And because I was raised with Episcopal good manners, I stood there, feigning interest, as she described the entire plot, chapter by chapter, of her book about, I repeat, lima beans.

Men Without Hats: Canadian 'new wave' group of the 80s, whose one and only hit, The Safety Dance, is the first song on my 'treadmill' playlist.

Nathaniel Hawthorne: (sigh) brilliant, favorite author on whom I have a lingering crush.

This is me, Oct. 16, 2007, hugging the house in Salem, Massachusetts, where he wrote The Scarlet Letter.

orange: the color of my legs for the first two summers sunless tanning products were on the market. I preferred it to my natural fish-belly white,but it was definitely in the oompa loompa spectrum.


  1. I have a great big Hawthorne crush, too. And listen to "Safety Dance" on the elliptical regularly. But I have to know: were the lima beans sentient? Like, they were characters in the novel? Or were they just in the background (e.g., setting was a lima bean farm)?

    P. S. Can you farm lima beans?

  2. LOL!!! I believe the lima beans were grown indoors in pots, and the shape of the vine and the growth were crucial -- still without being metaphor -- to the plot. While they were not sentient, they were, yes, characters in the novel. At some point in this woman's description, I stopped listening but somehow managed to keep nodding and smiling as if I were interested.