Friday, January 28

10 Things I Don't Have . . . Yet

1. a Twitter account
2. pierced ears
3. tattoos
4. a single vampire book
5. a small dog or baby as an accessory
6. a smartphone
7. satellite radio
8. any kind of video game station
9. an e-book reader
10. a friend named Madison

Of all these, I think I want a friend named Madison most of all, just so I can have coffee with her and thoroughly discuss the origin of her name, which I believe to be the 1984 movie Splash! That or the fourth president of the United States. In either case, I like the name and think it would be a happy addition to my life.

Tuesday, January 4

The Cybils

I found this out a few days ago -- Jan. 1st, actually, when someone sent me a congratulatory note on Facebook (and, by the way, thank you, Mitali, for letting me know) -- and I still haven't wholly accepted the reality of it. In fact, I keep asking myself -- or that invisible person in the room I forever expect to answer in the negative whenever I address him -- really?

But since no one, real or incorporeal, has said just kidding yet, I thought I'd mention some INCREDIBLY EXCITING news here.

I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU SOMEONE ELSE is one of seven (7) finalists chosen for the 2010 Cybils --Children's and Young Adult Bloggers' Literary Awards -- under the category Young Adult Novels.

Now, I sit at my computer in blue jeans all day -- blue jeans and an equally casual top, which probably goes without saying, but I did not wish to scandalize anyone with the thought of my half-nude workday. No, I couldn't even go topless on a topless beach since my padded bra top is the only thing that gives me an actual bust. But my mindset at the moment makes me feel as if I'm actually one of those evening-gown-clad starlets with gorgeous hair, borrowed jewels and expertly applied make-up, posing on a red carpet and telling reporters, "It's an honor just to be nominated." Because I can now honestly say it is.

The privilege of being mentioned with the other six finalists, all of us chosen from a long list of incredibly talented authors, took my breath away and likely always will. And that alone is a gift for which I will be eternally grateful.

But . . . wait . . . really?

The Seven Finalists for the 2010 Cybil, Young Adult Novels
SCRAWL by Mark Shulman
SOME GIRLS ARE by Courtney Summers
SPLIT by Swati Avashti
STOLEN by Lucy Christopher

Monday, January 3

First Blog of the New Year

I probably should blog more this year. I'll keep a running tally. (No, I'll keep a sporadic tally.) So -- here's 1.