Saturday, August 28

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Game Change

Monday, August 23

Monday's RQ

Monday's Reader Question: What's the best thing about being a writer . . . and what's the hardest?

The best thing, finally, is the legitimate excuse I have for living inside my head. It's very hard to come out of that place sometimes not least because I like it there. Everyone's nice to me. But, no, the hardest thing is my unresolved angst over not owning a business suit. I should just go buy one and sit in the thing all day at my desk, but then I might have to find a new place to work without so strict a dress code.

Saturday, August 21

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husband's birthday

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Thursday, August 19

My Latest Q&A

My Q&A with Vanessa over at Today's Adventure is up. Thank you, Vanessa!

Monday, August 16

Monday's RQ

Reader Question: Where did you get the name Bronwen?

Before I answer this, I want everyone under thirty to know that no one in my high school graduating class was named Caitlyn, Madison or Brittany. Or Jacob, Dylan or Austen. No one. Not one person. On the other hand, I have a very good friend from high school named Bronwyn, so that name sounds as normal to me as the name Madison does to everyone born after the movie Splash! popularized it. I believe that was 1984.

I like the sound of the name Bronwen. I like the sound of the character's full name Bronwen Oliver. And I like the distinction of sounds between the two names Bronwen and Jared. So -- I think it's fair to say that I chose the name Bronwen for its sound. It's a beautiful name, and although my friend Bronwyn is, like her name, uniquely beautiful, the character Bronwen is not based on her.

Saturday, August 14

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computer headaches
manhole covers
book party today!

Monday, August 9

Monday's RQ

This is either going to be a Reader Question or a Random Question for those Mondays when I have no pending reader questions. And, by the way, I love hearing from readers and try to answer every note I receive.

Today's RQ is a Reader Question: Are you writing a sequel to I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU SOMEONE ELSE?

First, let me thank every single person who has asked me this. I'm completely touched and a little overwhelmed that so many people like Bronwen and Jared enough to keep reading their story. Moreover, to keep thinking about them after the book ends. It's this kind of question that gives writers little happy chills. If I heard this in person, I'd politely thank you while inside, I'd be shouting, "Are you serious?! Whoo-hooo!"

I was raised Episcopalian. I have never whoo-hooed in public.

Now, the answer to the question: No, I am not writing a sequel, and I never planned to. I have very definite ideas about Bronwen and Jared following the end of the action in the novel. In fact, I have even more clearly defined ideas about Bronwen and her mother following the end of the action in the novel, but I have no plans to turn them into a book. All I'll say is this: The more interesting story would be the one between Bronwen and her mother.

Saturday, August 7

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crazy mail

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Tuesday, August 3

Blog Issues

So, I'm having blog issues. Obviously. That whole "once a week" plan didn't exactly unfold as I had hoped. In fact, I think I self-induced Blog Paralysis as I over-thought blogging and concluded that the answer to the question, "What should I blog about?" was, "Uhh, I have no idea."

Even now, I have written and deleted four (4) paragraphs, one paragraph at a time. My problem is the parameters. What are they? What should they be? I said I'd write about writing, but my writing day is uneventful to anyone but me, I'm sure. I don't want to be embarrassingly revelatory, but I also don't want to write about things too insipid to express. That leaves the territory between my deeply private interior life and my grocery list.

At the moment, I have four followers -- Hi, Everyone -- and I would really just prefer it if we would all move closer together and meet once a week for coffee and talk about what's going on in all our lives -- not just mine. And then I could just shut this blog down, because if too many people follow it, we'll have to keep moving or asking people to move closer to us, so, no, four is a good place to stop. But until that happens, I did promise my editor, agent and publicist that I'd commit to at least a once-a-week entry, so . . . eight short weeks later, I'm getting to that.

Now . . . what to write about?