Friday, February 25

My Own Personal Dictionary: U-Y

under-dunders:  what my grandmother called underwear

Virginia or, as they gorgeously say there, Vuh-gin-yuh:  where my step-dad (pay attention, Queen of the Universe) was from; location of the single hottest summer I've ever experienced, and also the place -- specifically the family's summer home's pool -- where I was taught by a blind man how to swim.

Williamsburg, VA:  stop number two on our honeymoon.  Spent three days successfully navigating through Washington D.C.  Got lost every single day in Williamsburg, Vuh-gin-yuh.

X: chi, the 22nd letter of the Greek alphabet, Greek being one of 6 languages I've studied.  Not my favorite of the 6 nor my least favorite.  I like Spanish and Hebrew the best.  Latin was boring; Japanese was not; and French . . . I just could not make the soft, round sounds without feeling softly, roundly ridiculous.

yellow:  I'm told it's the color of the sun, but since it shines in Columbus, Ohio, only twice a year, I'm currently unable to attest, from memory, to the truth of this.

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