Monday, February 21

My Own Personal Dictionary: A-E

I thought I'd write a personal, albeit abbreviated, dictionary this week. Today: A through E

anxiety: the only reason I'm thin

bread: I bake all the bread we eat in this house, from scratch, not with a bread machine, but since I'm not Ma Ingalls, either, I do rely on my nifty KitchenAid stand-mixer to do the kneading. But I turn it on. And select the speed -- so, yeah, there's work involved.

cinnamon swirl bread: see B; made this loaf yesterday -- first time!

Don Johnson: read my first novel; hated it, but I get so much mileage out of the story, so, thank you, Don!

Erin: I like my name. It may be a compulsion, but every single time I meet someone with my name, I immediately say, "That's my name, too." I'm usually more excited than the other Erin.


  1. Haha, the last part of B and all of E cracked me up. Thanks for the laugh! (:

    PS: I can't wait to read another book by you. Is there another one in the works?

  2. Hi, Lindsay. Thanks for asking -- yes, I have a second book in the works. Once everything is official, I will write about it here.

  3. Mmmm, that cinnamon swirl bread looks fantastic...can you push a piece through the screen for me? Thanks.

    Since I don't meet too many Rosemarys, it's always an exciting (and odd) experience when I do. The strangest of these encounters happened a couple of years ago while checking out at Helen Winnemore's in German Village. The woman in front of me gave the clerk her name to sign up for the mailing list, and it was Rosemary. "Interesting!" I thought, but didn't say anything.

    Then I got up to the register, and gave *my* name as Rosemary. Suddenly the woman behind me said, "Oh my god, your name is Rosemary, *too*? Because *my* name is Rosemary!"

    We then chattered away about how unprecedented this was--I think I've only met about four Rosemarys in my whole life. And apparently we all shop at Helen Winnemore's. :^)

    Are you going to blog the Don Johnson story sometime? Or is that one only for face-to-face telling?

  4. Don Johnson! =) Remember how I put his picture in your YA Fresh interview blog? (Any excuse for '80's pictures of Don Johnson.)

    I got your note...where am I to post my own ABC's?

  5. Not only, Tina, do I remember that, but I laughed out loud with the single best belly-laugh I've had in ages. That was BRILLIANT and hysterically funny!!!! Wait -- I'm laughing again at the thought! I will post the link.

  6. Rosemary, no need to blog about Don Johnson. Tina Ferraro, YA author of -- among others -- THE ABCs of KISSING BOYS -- posted an interview with me on her blog YA Fresh (and thank you again, Tina) that includes the Don Johnson story AND her BRILLIANT inclusion of a Sonny Crocket photo. Is it me -- or is that just plain funny?