Tuesday, August 3

Blog Issues

So, I'm having blog issues. Obviously. That whole "once a week" plan didn't exactly unfold as I had hoped. In fact, I think I self-induced Blog Paralysis as I over-thought blogging and concluded that the answer to the question, "What should I blog about?" was, "Uhh, I have no idea."

Even now, I have written and deleted four (4) paragraphs, one paragraph at a time. My problem is the parameters. What are they? What should they be? I said I'd write about writing, but my writing day is uneventful to anyone but me, I'm sure. I don't want to be embarrassingly revelatory, but I also don't want to write about things too insipid to express. That leaves the territory between my deeply private interior life and my grocery list.

At the moment, I have four followers -- Hi, Everyone -- and I would really just prefer it if we would all move closer together and meet once a week for coffee and talk about what's going on in all our lives -- not just mine. And then I could just shut this blog down, because if too many people follow it, we'll have to keep moving or asking people to move closer to us, so, no, four is a good place to stop. But until that happens, I did promise my editor, agent and publicist that I'd commit to at least a once-a-week entry, so . . . eight short weeks later, I'm getting to that.

Now . . . what to write about?

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  1. Erin, I empathize. My husband and I have been blogging (very irregularly) for a few years now, and I found it hard to get started, too. Still do find it hard sometimes.

    I'll say this for blogging, though--it's really made me think a lot more consciously about my writing: who my audience is, what tone I'm going for, what's necessary and what's extraneous. It's really made me a much more precise and succinct writer--both skills I really needed to work on.

    Maybe that will encourage you to keep it up? In the meantime, I love your "week in seven words" idea...may have to borrow that one!