Monday, August 9

Monday's RQ

This is either going to be a Reader Question or a Random Question for those Mondays when I have no pending reader questions. And, by the way, I love hearing from readers and try to answer every note I receive.

Today's RQ is a Reader Question: Are you writing a sequel to I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU SOMEONE ELSE?

First, let me thank every single person who has asked me this. I'm completely touched and a little overwhelmed that so many people like Bronwen and Jared enough to keep reading their story. Moreover, to keep thinking about them after the book ends. It's this kind of question that gives writers little happy chills. If I heard this in person, I'd politely thank you while inside, I'd be shouting, "Are you serious?! Whoo-hooo!"

I was raised Episcopalian. I have never whoo-hooed in public.

Now, the answer to the question: No, I am not writing a sequel, and I never planned to. I have very definite ideas about Bronwen and Jared following the end of the action in the novel. In fact, I have even more clearly defined ideas about Bronwen and her mother following the end of the action in the novel, but I have no plans to turn them into a book. All I'll say is this: The more interesting story would be the one between Bronwen and her mother.


  1. I agree that the story about Bronwen and her mother would be the more interesting option--although I, for one, am delighted that _I Now Pronounce You Someone Else_ will be a standalone novel!

    I think it's so important, as a reader, to be given the option of imagining the ongoing stories of beloved characters. (This is why I loathed the "Where are they now?" segment at the end of the final Harry Potter novel.) Isn't that why we read in the first place--to engage our own imaginations?

  2. I loved the ending of INPYSE. I thought it had the perfect balance of hints towards where the characters will end up, and room for the reader's imagination.

  3. I was raised Episcopalian too, however I have whoo-hooed many times in public.